Fabric Face Mask

YourBagTag has joined others to try and help fulfill the high demand for non-medical grade fabric face masksWe have redeployed some of our sewing expertise and machines to manufacture these fabric face masks.

For our returning Fabric Face Mask customers, thank you for your input! We have made a few adjustments to the mask to offer a fit for a broader range of faces.

The face masks come in three sizes -- the strap can be untied and adjusted for a tighter or looser fit. The mask shown being worn is a size Large.

Fit is really a personal preference and no one mask fits all faces, general guidelines for this mask are:

  • Small - fits most kids ages 3-10
  • Medium - most women and small men
  • Large -  average and large men

To assist in ordering correct size:  take a piece of string and measure from the middle of the bridge of your nose to your chin.  Take that string and lay against a ruler for your nose to chin measurement.  You can see this demonstrated in this link.

Medium:  When mask is folded in half and flat it will measure center front height (nose to chin) 5.5" and 4.25" at widest point.  (See in product image gallery)

Large:  When mask is folded in half and flat it will measure center front height (nose to chin)  6.25" and 5" at widest point.  (See in product image gallery)

Face mask details:

  • Face mask is made of 3 layers - (2) 100%  natural cotton fabric & (1)  of Polyester interfacing. Does not include filter pocket.
  • We made the attachment to go around your head, NOT around your ears. However, the mask is designed to also work that way too. You would just need to pull the cord out, expose the knot and untie it. Then cut cord in half and adjust length for distance to your ears. Retie each side and pull knot back into the fabric sleeve. More details can be found in this blog post.
  • Machine washable.
  • Attachment is a nylon covered elastic shock cord. We have found this to be more comfortable than the wider elastic bands. 
  • Manufactured in the USA. 

Please note, given the current COVID-19 health crisis, mask WILL NOT be returnable. The shock cord can be adjusted to help mask fit.

Customer Reviews

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Love these masks
Best masks ever!
Excellent Mask!
Jennifer, we are so grateful for your business and your kind feedback. We are a small business and the masks have kept our business going during these very challenging times. There is not a lot of travel happening right. Thank you again, we appreciate you.
Very comfortable