Personalized Embroidered Scuba Themed BCD Name Tag

Make your SCUBA BCD stand out from the crowd. Our BC name tags makes that a snap. Divemasters and dive boat crews love them - personalized name tags make it really easy to sort the gear on a crowded dive boat. 

It's easy to create your own.

  1. Choose your strap color from the drop down choices above.
  2. Select the ocean themed graphic you want.
  3. Enter your name text up to 9 letters.
  4. Enter the color you want your name embroidered with.

We suggest not selecting same color for your strap and your name - it won't show up very well.

  • 12 fun ocean-themed graphics to choose from.
  • Made from the highest quality polypropylene webbing material.
  • Strap is 2" tall and approximately 9" long. Fits most straps, if you need a longer or shorter strap we are happy to make a custom size.
  • Attaches to itself in a loop around BCD strap using velcro tabs.
  • Made in our studio, Bella Vista, Arkansas - USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Robert Ferguson
Bright, cheery ID

My BC is much happier now thanks it’s distinctive name tag!


I love having this on my BCD to know it's mine and I got one for my dive buddy friend as well. I have 4 dives with it and looks and held up great in the salt water.

Scuba shooter
Perfect BCD personalization!

Very well made, easy to read and so cute! I got a pink octopus white name on black and works great on my shoulder strap.

Pamela Thorsell
Great tag, Amazing customer service

I ordered the tags at the last minute for a Christmas gift and I couldn’t have had better service getting them in time to be opened for the holiday. Great tags, can’t wait to get to use them. Thank you!!!

Thank you so very much for your kind feedback. Rebecca and I worked very hard to turn every order as quickly as possible, knowing many of the orders were holiday gifts. We hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas.

Cliff O
Nice tags, minor issues

I ordered 5 tags total, 2 for me and my gear, one for my wife, and two friends. I ordered different styles. For the most part, they turned out quite well despite being about 1cm too long. The real reason I couldn't quite give them a full 5 stars is that some styles have fonts that are far too thin, like the Octopus. Also, if you choose colors that are too similar, intentionally or accidentally, you cannot read the name. Of course you know which BCD is yours, but what's the point of putting a name tag on it that you cannot read the name? I think the font definitely needs to change and be thicker, but it would be nice if the web site told you that a white octopus with yellow lettering is difficult to see. That would have been especially helpful as I had actually intended a purple octopus with yellow lettering which would have been fine color-wise. I'm not sure how I ended up with a white octopus, but there it was on the invoice so my fault.

We always appreciate feedback, colors and fonts are very personal choices. I'm always happy to give feedback if the customer asks about the options they choose. I've offered to remake the tag for this customer.