Many of our customers ask how YourBagTags attach to the luggage.  The image on the left visually displays the steps to looping the tag through itself.  When attaching your luggage tag, you may want to consider not attaching it directly to the handle. If for some reason the suitcase or bag handle should be broken, you might lose your only means of identification. Most suitcases, sports, scuba, backpacks and gear bags have D-rings, clips, and other loops to attach your tag to.

Always remember to include your name, address, and contact phone numbers inside your luggage as well. If you ask us for an extra set of name cards when you order your personalized luggage tags, we will be happy to send them along in your package. You can also download and print the free Luggage Inventory Sheet which is in Adobe PDF format.

Choose a high visibility color for both your tag and your ribbon. Some of our customer's monogrammed favorites include the RedOrangeNeon Green and Bright Blue. Consider selecting complimentary colors rather than matching colors. It makes it easier to pick your suitcase out of the crowd.

Here is a link to a very interesting "Universal Packing List" web application.  It was developed byMats Henricson

Another great idea is to take a quick inventory of what items you have placed in your luggage and keep it with you. It will make listing the contents a much easier task should the airline loose your bag.

Click here for the latest information from the U.S. Government's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on what is permitted or prohibited in your checked and carry-on luggage.