Custom Embroidered Luggage Handle Wraps

Custom embroidered neoprene luggage handle wraps are another great way to pick your bags out of the crowd. The neoprene handle wraps around your bag handle and also provides an extra layer of cushion.

  • Luggage handle wrap has a Velcro closure and is approximately 5" x 5.5".
  • Custom handles come in 6 colors: Black, Red, Neon Green, Aqua Blue, Royal blue, and Pink 
  • Up to 9 letters can be embroidered on the handle.

Customer Reviews

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M Shannon
Misspelled name

Even though the receipt showed the correct spelling, the tag was misspelled. I’ve tried to reach out to them and I’ve gotten no response.

We are posting your review as we want our customers to know we post every review, good or bad. We don't believe this is a fair review nor is it accurate. We received your email letting us know of the problem on December 5th at 12:24 Central Time. We immediately made a replacement handle wrap with the correct spelling, packaged it, took it to the post office and we did respond to you that same day with an email at 2:11pm Central Time with the replacement update and a USPS tracking number for the replacement tag. Did you check your SPAM folder? As of today, Dec 12th, the tag is currently in route to you at the USPS Houston Distribution center. A phone call before you posted this review would have been appreciated. Nonetheless, should you not receive the replacement tag in the next couple of days, please call us! We take our customer service very, very seriously, check out our other reviews.

Scott R Johnson
Bag tag

Bag tag is awesome. Leather strap easy to come off in checked luggage, reason I had to order another one. Don’t use the leather strap if checking bag.

Debby H
Great product

Well made snd very bright! Should keep others from grabbing my luggage.

Poppop Stone

Tag you’re it!!
Perfect great follow up service and fast delivery

Yvonne Gutierrez

Custom Embroidered Luggage Handle Wraps