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New Laser Engraved Name Plate Version Of Our Popular YourZipTag™ 0

Laser Name Plate Orange YourZipTag wetsuit zipper pull
Looking for a smart way to pick your wetsuit out from all the rest? We now offer a laser engraved name plate version of the very popular YourZipTag™ wetsuit zipper pull. Like the embroidered version, it comes in 10 vibrant colors and can be customized with 9 different name plate colors. The YourZipTag shown in the photo is orange with a black - white name plate.
  • Steve Wilson

Waterproof Markers That Can Write On Our Scuba Equipment & Luggage Tags 0

Waterproof Sharpie Markers

 Dive shop and travel agency customers asked us for a pen or marker that they could use to write on the back of our plastic luggage and scuba equipment ID tags that wouldn't smudge or rub-off when it got wet or spent considerable time under water. Until now, we have not been able to recommend or offer a solution. We were thrilled when we came across these oil-based, fine-tipped markers from Sharpie.

All of our laser engraved tags have either a black or white plastic back that can be written on with these markers. See actual sample below. We currently carry yellow, red, black and silver in ink-colors.



  • Steve Wilson

Embroidered Scuba Mask Strap Covers Make Unique Wedding Gifts 0

embroidered custom scuba mask strap covers wedding gift happily ever after quote


I have highlighted custom embroidered scuba mask strap covers in our blog before but I thought this was really a fun example of a unique wedding gift for a couple who may be going to a dive resort or liveaboard dive boat for their honeymoon. In the past, we have made matching mask straps with some of these quotes:

  • Just Married
  • His & Hers
  • Bride & Groom
  • Wife & Husband
  • Mr Right & Mrs Always Right
Do you have a clever idea? Let us help you bring it to life! You will find more custom embroidered scuba mask strap covers by clicking on the photo above or the link.



Aluminum 2-Sided Equipment Tags Are Here 0

custom engraved aluminum scuba id tags

Many of you have been asking us for a custom equipment ID tag that can be engraved on both sides. We have secured an american manufacturer of high quality anodized aluminum tags in two sizes, 2 inch diameter circles and 1.5 inch diameter circles. We are able to laser engrave on both sides of these tags or we can also print full color on both sides.

If you are trying to decide between our plastic equipment ID tags and these aluminum tags, here are a few things to consider:

  • While they are quite strong, the aluminum tags are a bit more prone to surface scratching than our plastic ID/gear tags.
  • Both can be used in a saltwater environment. The aluminum tags will develop surface pitting if you do not rinse them in fresh water after diving for the day. The plastic tags will take more abuse in this area as well.
  • If you need information engraved on both sides of the tag, the aluminum tags may be a better choice since our ability to engrave on both sides of our plastic tags is very limited - red with white lettering only.

Introducing a New Full Color SCUBA BC Name Tag w/Emergency Medical Tab 0

Emergency Contact Info Scuba BC Name Tag

When we first designed the full color SCUBA BC Name Tag, we had a desire to add an option that would feature an emergency contact tab - one containing important medical and "In case of emergency" (ICE) contact information. Now that option is available for you.

The SCUBA BC Name Tag features a plastic tab that can be engraved with up to 9 lines (20 characters each) of emergency medical and contact information. Our example includes:

  • Diver name
  • Date of birth
  • Blood type
  • Drug allergies
  • "In Case of Emergency" Contact Name
  • Contact relationship
  • Contact phone numbers

Other ideas might include the Divers Alert Network - DAN emergency number, medical insurance info,

The tab slides down and fits snugly behind the name plate so data is not visible but is easily accessed by pulling up on the tab. The only visible line is "Emergency Info" that serves to visibly alert others to the location of the information.

Every SCUBA diver should have one of these on their BCD.

New "I Love Scuba" Dive Bag Tag 0

I Love Scuba Gear BagTag from YourBagTag

For the July 4th US Independence Day weekend this year, we ran a special give-away with every order from our store. It featured an "I Love USA" design that had an American flag look to it (see below).

Full Color I LOVE USA - Heart Shape - YourBagTagWe like the look of the tag so much, we have decided to incorporate the "Heart" design into an "I Love Scuba" gear bag or carry-on luggage tag. It is 3 inches long and 1.25 inches tall and includes a 6" stainless steel wire loop to attach the tag to your gear.  It looks really sharp and we may actually use this design for decals and maybe a t-shirt design too. What do you think?

  • Steve Wilson

New Stoked on Salt Mermaid Scuba BC Name Tags & Luggage Tags 0

Mermaid Scuba BC Name Tag
We are excited to highlight two new tags that are the result of a collaboration with Lisa Miceli-Capano of Stoked on Salt. A "Salty Hair Don't Care" BC name tag and the same design in a full-color plastic luggage tag. Both feature Lisa's delightful mermaid design and can be personalized with your name.
Mermaid design personalized luggage tag

Guess where these 148 Scuba BC Name Tags are going 0

Scuba BC Name Tags Many Colors YourBagtag
Any idea where these 148 Scuba BC Name Tags might be going? Perhaps a very large scuba instructor development training course? Maybe a dive club with many active members? Both good guesses but these Scuba BC Name Tags will be used by the volunteer divers that you see diving at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Now you will be able to say you saw Dave or Lisa in the big tank instead of nameless divers in black wetsuits. This simple but effective scuba name tag wraps around the shoulder strap of most standard scuba BCs.
We make scuba equipment tags for all kinds of organizations. This is the second set of tags we have made for the National Aquarium. We have also done tags for numerous dive shops, clubs, and resorts. We have made scuba and equipment tags for the Boy Scouts Florida Sea Base, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Underwater Forensics teams, National Laboratories, and several branches of the US military. How about you? Could you use a set of tags for your scuba diving gear?
  • Steve Wilson

Scuba BC Slate Name Tags & Dive Equipment Tags for Dive Friends Bonaire 0

Custom Scuba BC Name Tag - Equipment Tags - for Dive Friends Bonaire - Blue and White

We met the folks at Dive Friends Bonaire several years ago at a Diving Equipment Marketing Association(DEMA) trade show. They run a great resort independent scuba operation on Bonaire - our favorite place to scuba dive. Most importantly, they have a very strong commitment to the health and beauty of the surround reefs. Check out their website to see if you can participate in one of their quarterly Clean Up Dives. We made a series of tags for their Debris Free Bonaire collection bags after our first meeting.

We just finished up their order for custom Scuba BC Slate Name Tags - complete with the Dive Friends logo. They can just write a guests name with a grease pencil and wipe off when it is time for the next guest to rent the gear.  We also made a series of our 1.5" equipment tags with their logo and serial numbers.

We love doing custom name & scuba equipment ID tags for dive stores & clubs 0

Custom scuba name equipment ID tags Midland Dive Association

We recently received an order from the Midland Dive Association for some our our scuba BC slate name tags (tag on top left). Scuba BC slate tags are a great way to ID equipment when you want to change the name on the tag often. We did a quick lookup on their Facebook page and loved their turtle logo so we made a few examples to include in their order of some our our more popular personalized scuba diving name tags including a scuba equipment tag, a dive gear bag tag, and a personalized version of our slate tag.

We have made custom scuba ID and dive equipment tags for more than 200 dive stores and organizations. We offer discounts for quantity orders and a standing discount for DEMA members. Let us know what kind of custom tags we can make for you.