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Personalized Luggage Tags Are an Essential Part of Any Family Vacation

Personalized Luggage Tags Are an Essential Part of Any Family Vacation 0

Every year, about 35 percent of American families take a family vacation.

Some of these families hop on a plane and fly down to Florida to visit Disney World. Others jet-set halfway across the world to get a taste of a new culture in a different country.

Whatever you do, don't pass up on the chance to take vacations with your family. Outside of allowing you to relax, family vacations will also bring your family closer and create new bonds between you.

But before you head off to the airport, pick up personalized luggage tags for your trip. When you do, it'll give you the opportunity to enjoy a whole host of great benefits.

Let's take a closer look at why it's so important for people to invest in custom luggage tags for everyone in their family.

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Four Fabulous and Affordable Ways to Make Your Next Family Vacation  Unforgettable

Four Fabulous and Affordable Ways to Make Your Next Family Vacation Unforgettable 0

Summer may be over, but it doesn’t mean that fun family vacations have to be. Fall is officially here bringing along with it cooler weather, changing leaves, and plenty of fun adventures to be had.

Fall also means that the holidays are just around the corner! Does your family vacation during the holidays?

Whether your family has a winter ski trip planned, a cruise, or even a road trip to see extended family, with a few dollars and a little pre-planning, you can make your next family vacation unforgettable – literally!  

quote about leaving our children happy memories

Here at YourBagTag, we are big fans of personalized products (especially custom luggage tags) because it’s these “little” things that help you keep the memories fresh from the precious times that you share as a family traveling. And those memories matter.

Here are some fun and fabulously affordable ways to commemorate your next family vacation.


#1: Custom T-shirts

A popular trend that more families are starting to do is to mark their vacation, family gathering, or event with personalized t-shirts. You’ve probably seen these around….at the airport, on the cruise ship, or even online at social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Matching t-shirts leave a lasting memory of the event. Every time you see your shirt in the closet, it takes you back to that fun cruise or ski trip you took with your loved ones. Plus, these make for great photo ops! 

Wear your custom t-shirts on the day you head out to get everyone geared up for the adventure. Or, choose a particular day where you plan to take plenty of family photos. These shirts are pretty inexpensive and a fun way to commemorate your trip.  

We’ve seen some families get t-shirts for every day of the week!  (This seems to be particularly popular for trips to Disney). But why not? Not only do they make great pictures, you don’t have to figure out what to wear each day!

And getting your shirts made is easy. You can order shirts online or find a local business that specializes in custom t-shirts, like Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More here in Bentonville, AR.

#2: Personalized Tumblers


Traveling can leave you feeling dehydrated – especially air travel. So get your thirsty travelers each their own personalized tumbler. There are so many different types to choose from! You can select plastic cups, stainless steel, water bottles, mugs, or even a sippy cup for your tiniest travelers. 

Like personalized t-shirts, these are not hard to find. Purchase them at a local gift shop, or find them online at places such as Etsy or Amazon. Tervis even offers a variety of personalized cups online.

 Bonus tip: In addition to putting your vacation destination on your travel cups, it’s a good idea to include each of your family members’ names on theirs to keep them from getting mixed up!

#3: Create a Travel Photo Book

Today, capturing the moments of your trip is pretty easy with our sophisticated phones. Some of the latest ones have unbelievably good cameras! But what happens once you’ve taken your vacation photos?

Do they remain on your phone? Do you upload them to social media? Neither of these is bad, but they aren't always accessible to other family members…especially children who aren't old enough to see the photos on social media.

So, collect your great family pictures and capture cool photo ops throughout the trip, then turn them into a family photo memory book!  Shutterfly has a fantastic collection of templates for travel photo books.  Whether your family went backpacking, skiing, cruising, or even took a trip to the Big Apple, you’ll find a nice selection of travel book templates allowing you to mark the memories forever.

#4: Fun Tags for Your Luggage

Did you know that you can mark your luggage with a fun, custom tag for any special occasion! Of course, you’ll want to include your contact information on your luggage tags, but why stop there? If your family is planning a special trip, order customized suitcase tags to commemorate the occasion.

At YourBagTag, we create tags that you can use on backpacks, carry-on bags, suitcases, and any other travel gear. You can send us your logo or tag idea, or choose from one of our fun designs - like this one from our friend Lisa Miceli at Stoked On Salt.

custom luggage tag with mermaid design

Order a set of these, or one of our other fun designs for the whole family for your next vacation – and make sure to tell us where you are traveling to so we can include it on your tags.

Not only will these tags remind you of your amazing family vacation, but you'll also be able to spot your bags easily at the airport baggage carousel! They may even help you get through the line faster.

 As our friend Lisa shared with us:

 “ When we were in the Miami and Bonaire airport.... we were able to skip the long line because of our Luggage Tags we bought.... everyone else had to sit and write their contact info on the paper tags but not us!   We had all our info on the tags!” – Lisa Miceli, Stoked on Salt.

How Will You Make Your Next Family Vacation Memorable?

As you are planning your next family getaway, start thinking about how YOU are going to commemorate it so that your family remembers this special time for many years to come. Now, if you have teens, they might roll their eyes a few times (especially if you ask them to wear matching t-shirts), but at the end of the day, they'll cherish the memories as much as you. 

When you look back at your fun tumbler, your photo book, or your cute bag tags, it will trigger those priceless memories over and over again!


Custom Engraved Aluminum Metal Luggage Tags 0

Looking for a custom engraved luggage tag that will take the abuse of global adventure travel? We have your tag! We have been custom engraving these tags for several years for several NBA Basketball teams and they do a lot of travel each year.Custom Engraved Aluminum Metal Tags

Here is a snapshot of some of those tags from our Instagram feed.

Custom Engraved Aluminum Metal Tags for Detroit Pistons NBA team

As you can see, we can handle a pretty detail logo if that is something you need as well. Let us know how we can make some tags for your or your organization.

A Special Thank You for Elizabeth

A Special Thank You for Elizabeth 0

 We love to hear your stories and the small part our tags sometimes get to play. We received this delightful example from Elizabeth S., a long-time customer of YourBagTag. Elizabeth was on the committee and a table sponsor for Girls' Night Out, an evening dedicated to raising awareness for women's heart health and to raise funds for Westchester Medical Center (WMC) Health's Heart and Vascular Institute.

Scuba Cave Diver? Show Them! 0

scuba cave diving arrow bag tag from yourbagtag
Two years ago at the Diving Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) show we had several cave diving friends ask us if we could make custom cave diving arrow markers. Of course, we were happy to make their custom markers and thought that the cave diving arrow shape would make a very sharp looking gear bag tag as well. The Scuba Cave Diving Luggage Tag was born!
These would also make great give-aways for dive shops or dive resorts that specialize in cave diving instructions and trips.