Personalized Luggage Tags Are an Essential Part of Any Family Vacation

Every year, about 35 percent of American families take a family vacation.

Some of these families hop on a plane and fly down to Florida to visit Disney World. Others jet-set halfway across the world to get a taste of a new culture in a different country.

Whatever you do, don't pass up on the chance to take vacations with your family. Outside of allowing you to relax, family vacations will also bring your family closer and create new bonds between you.

But before you head off to the airport, pick up personalized luggage tags for your trip. When you do, it'll give you the opportunity to enjoy a whole host of great benefits.

Let's take a closer look at why it's so important for people to invest in custom luggage tags for everyone in their family.

Builds Up Anticipation for a Family Vacation

Everything about a family vacation is great. From riding on a plane to seeing the sights in your final destination, it's all so much fun.

But you could argue that the best part of a family vacation takes place before you even leave your house. Studies have shown that anticipating a family vacation in the months, weeks, and days leading up to it is what many people enjoy most.

Truth be told, it shouldn't take much to get you and your kids excited about your upcoming family vacation. But if you need help building up the anticipation, you can:

  • Read up on the places you're going to visit on your family vacation
  • Look at photos and watch videos featuring your destination
  • Talk to others who have visited the place you're going to be visiting about how great it is

You can also pass out personalized luggage tags to everyone to get them pumped about packing for your trip. It'll make the anticipation surrounding it that much more exciting.

Encourages Kids to Take Care of Luggage

If you've ever purchased luggage before, you know that it's not cheap. It's not uncommon for people to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a single piece of luggage, if not more.

Therefore, you should get your kids into the habit of taking good care of their luggage when they use it. The last thing you want is for them to think it's "just another bag" they can toss around in their room.

One way to get kids to take ownership over their luggage and care for it accordingly is by outfitting it with personalized luggage tags. When your kids feel like a piece of luggage belongs to them, there's a better chance of them treating it with the proper respect.

You should, of course, still talk to your kids about how to care for luggage. You shouldn't just expect them to know how to do it because there's a tag with their name on it tied to it.

But a luggage tag can go a long way towards teaching your kids about maintaining their expensive luggage on their own.

Protects Your Family's Luggage at the Airport

The custom tags that you stick on your family's luggage should have more than just a set of initials or a sports logo on them. They should also contain vital information pertaining to your family.

This information should include:

  • Your first initial and your last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

There is some debate over whether or not you should put your home address on a luggage tag. But if you feel comfortable doing it, you should put that on your tags as well.

The purpose of this is so that your luggage can be easily identified by airport personnel in the event it goes missing. If your bag is misplaced while you're making your way to your final destination, the airport will know who to call when they find it.

The good news is that airlines are losing track of fewer bags than ever before right now. Only about 6 bags out of every 1,000 get lost in transit.

But just in case your bag does get lost, it doesn't hurt to have personalized luggage tags on it to make it easier to find.

Makes Your Family's Luggage Easy to Spot

Is there anything more frustrating than standing around at baggage claim after a long flight trying to track down your family's luggage? Almost all of the luggage that comes around the carousel will look the same.

Your personalized luggage tags will set your baggage apart and make it simple for your family to see it. You'll spend less time searching for your luggage at baggage claim and more time making your way to your hotel to get your family vacation underway.

Comes in Handy in Other Areas of Life

Personalized luggage tags will work wonders on your next family vacation. But you can also put them to good use in between vacations.

Your kids will enjoy using them on their overnight bags when they go to grandmom's house for a long weekend. They'll also like using them on the bags they have to bring to school for field day.

Don't be afraid to break out your luggage tags throughout the course of the year. They can identify almost any type of bag and prevent your kids from losing their bags when they head out into the world.

Purchase Personalized Luggage Tags Today

Would you like to get your hands on personalized luggage tags prior to your next family vacation?

We have plenty of options available to you. Whether you want faux leather tags, brightly colored tags, or camouflage tags, we have something for everyone in your family.

You can customize your tags in whatever way you want and make them personal to each of your family members. They'll make your next family vacation that much more special and protects your luggage in the process.

Contact us today to order custom luggage tags or to ask any questions about the personalization that will go into each one.

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