Ever Wonder Where the Idea for Our SCUBA BCD Name Tags Came From?

It was an early September morning in 2009. I was taking a dive boat trip with the folks at Olympus Dive Center in Morehead City, North Carolina. Our destination, the World War II German Submarine wreck, the U-352. The sun had not come up so the dive boat deck looked something like the photo, 22 sets of black scuba gear and I had not had my coffee yet.

It can be tough to pick your SCUBA gear out from the crowd, especially when there are a lot of people with similar gear. Now my wife Rebecca had started a custom luggage tag company, YourBagTag.com three years before and it occurred to me this dive gear all looking the same was a black suitcase problem.

Upon my return home, I asked Rebecca to make me a simple name tag that would wrap around my SCUBA BCD shoulder strap with a bright contrasting color for the text.

Original SCUBA BCD Name Tag

You can see an image of the original tag in this blog post. Soon we added more options for strap color and text color choices. Some divers wanted more text than the 9-10 characters that could be embroidered so we added a version with a plastic plate that could be laser engraved. Dive shops wanted to add their full color logos so we added the capability to full color print on the plastic plates. Our original SCUBA BCD name tag has evolved into a full line of SCUBA BCD name tags.

With our personalized BC name tags, you'll never have to worry about finding your BCD on a crowded dive boat, drying locker or wash tank again. And since they make it easier to identify other divers, divemasters and boat crews will love your addtion.

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