Eight Pro Tips for Packing Your Carry-On: Travel Experts' Advice

With the recent increase in checked baggage fees by many US Airlines, more travelers are opting to pack light and use carry-on bags for their trips. To help you make the most of your carry-on space, here are seven packing tips from travel professionals:

1.  Start with the right carry-on bag, the lighter, the better.

When you need to bring multiple outfits, toiletries, and workout gear, lightweight luggage can help balance out your load. Choose a bag that is durable, easy to maneuver, expandable and has TSA-approved locks.

2.  Build a capsule wardrobe.

Choose clothing outfits that will mix and match. With just 10 pieces of clothing (six tops and four bottoms), you can create 24 different outfits as long as the 10 pieces work together.

3.  Folding or rolling clothes?

Packing folded clothes flat can lead to wasting valuable space in your carry-on. Rolled clothes can fit into the crevices and gaps of your bag. Wrinkle-prone items will benefit from rolling. However, the Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo uses her own KonMari Method to file-fold her clothes in neat vertical stacks at home that transfer easily into her suitcase. “Not only does this folding technique keep clothing neat and wrinkle-free, it also maximizes the space of the suitcase,” says Kondo. We found a combination of rolling and folding works best. So do whatever feels right to you.

4.  Consider using packing cubes.

Whether you fold or roll your clothes, using packing makes it easier to keep the contents of your luggage neat and well organized. Some sort by outfit, others may sort by category such as underwear, workout gear, etc. How you pack your cubes is an individual choice. We are fans of the cubes that have two sides to them, clean and dirty to keep our dirty clothes separated. Plastic bags also work well to keep your dirty items separated.

5. Invest in Merino wool clothing.

Packing a few pairs of merino wool socks or T-shirts is also a great idea; thanks to wool fiber’s hydrophobic properties, the particles that contribute to body order have a hard time absorbing into wool clothing, so you can wear them multiple times before you need to wash them.

6. Invest in a multi-port charger.

Look for a charger that can serve your computer, mobile phone and another device from a single charging brick. It not only saves space in your tech pouch but also uses a single plug in your hotel room.

7. Be sure to check the weather for your destination.

Even if you check the forecast in advance, it may not be right! So be sure to bring a packable rain jacket in case of sudden downpours, and a packable travel jacket in case of cooler weather.

    8.  Don't forget to identify your luggage.

    Our personalized luggage tags are not only a practical way to identify your suitcase, but they also add a touch of personality to your travel gear. With a unique tag, you can easily spot your luggage among the sea of look-alike bags, saving you time and frustration.

    By following these packing tips from travel professionals, you can make the most of your carry-on bag space and avoid the increased checked baggage fees imposed by US Airlines. Happy travels!

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