Fabric Face Mask - Converting Straps From Around Your Head to Over Your Ears

The design of our Fabric Face Mask was designed to support several different ways of attaching the straps, both around your head (the way we have made it) and around your ears. If you would like to convert your mask, here are some simple instructions to do so:

  1. Untie strap (knot is hidden in the side channel)
  2. Cut strap into 2 even pieces.
  3. Thread 1 piece into each side channel and tie a knot at desired length, test fit, when you are happy with fit, trim excess cord on each side of the knot to about 1".
  4. Re-insert the knot into the side channel.

Note: We recommend the following length for your cut pieces, but this can vary
for each person: 12” pieces - large mask, 11” pieces for medium mask.

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