Your Purchases on Give Back in 3 Ways

YourBagTag Gives Back in 3 Ways





Giving back is very important to us and there is certainly great need in many domains around the world. Your purchases allow us to focus our giving in three specific areas: people, planet, and community.

Giving to "People" for us means giving to specific programs that support people less fortunate than ourselves. Some examples include support and education of orphan children in Bangladesh and financial support for hospitals & medical activities in Liberia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Given that a large portion of our sales come from scuba diving custom name & ID solutions, we focus our giving to "Planet" to efforts and organizations that support the health of our precious reefs and oceans. This includes the support of coral reef research and restoration efforts, responsible dive training and management of delicate reef resources, and national underwater parks and reserves.

We consider our "Community" larger than just our Northwest Arkansas location although it is very important to us. In NWA we have supported local charities such as local food banks and school backpack programs. Our community also includes scuba diving programs for disabled veterans, and high school youth programs.

Please note:  Our giving activities are very focused and intentional. We do not support individual or organizational fund raising campaigns but choose instead to donate directly to organizations that we feel are doing great work with the highest degree of integrity and financial transparency. From time to time, we will ask our customers what types of giving back they may want to partner with us on but we don't fund or support unsolicited requests. If you would like to submit a link to your organization for consideration, you can do that on our "Contact Us" page. We are sure you can appreciate that we are unable to respond to every request. We do understand that there is great need in many areas. We are a small organization and have chosen to be intentional with our giving.