YourZipTag™ Wetsuit Zipper Pull

Product Description

Easily pick out your wetsuit out from everyone else's on your next dive or surf trip.  YourZipTags make that a snap.   These stylish name tags also make it much easier to identify the others you may be diving or surfing with.  Made from the highest quality polypropylene webbing material, the YourZipTag can be embroidered in many colors.   Dive or surf shops could add their name or website url.  YourZipTag attaches simply by looping itself through the eye of the zipper pull.

YourZipTags make great gifts for the diver, surfer, triathlon athlete, kite boarder or snorkeler in your circle of friends and family.

  • YourZipTag is 3/4" wide and approximately 24 inches long
  • Same length as standard wetsuit zipper pull
  • Letters are embroidered in ALL CAPS ONLY
  • Designed for "back-pull" wetsuit zipper configuration
  • Made in Bentonville, Arkansas - USA
$12.00 USD

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