Scuba BC Slate Name Tags & Dive Equipment Tags for Dive Friends Bonaire

Custom Scuba BC Name Tag - Equipment Tags - for Dive Friends Bonaire - Blue and White

We met the folks at Dive Friends Bonaire several years ago at a Diving Equipment Marketing Association(DEMA) trade show. They run a great resort independent scuba operation on Bonaire - our favorite place to scuba dive. Most importantly, they have a very strong commitment to the health and beauty of the surround reefs. Check out their website to see if you can participate in one of their quarterly Clean Up Dives. We made a series of tags for their Debris Free Bonaire collection bags after our first meeting.

We just finished up their order for custom Scuba BC Slate Name Tags - complete with the Dive Friends logo. They can just write a guests name with a grease pencil and wipe off when it is time for the next guest to rent the gear.  We also made a series of our 1.5" equipment tags with their logo and serial numbers.

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