Custom Scuba Maintenance Tags for Dive Shops

Custom Scuba Gear Maintenance Tags

Have a need for a custom, reusable maintenance tag? Bring us your ideas. The tags pictured above were done for our friends at DJ's Scuba in Brookfield, Illinois. These Scuba gear maintenance tags are made of 3 ply plastic approximately 1/16 inch thick and engraved with custom fields on one side and their dive shop name on the back. They are attached with removable stainless steel wire loops.

Custom Scuba Gear Maintenance Tags - plasticWe have also made a version of these tags with plastic loops. The plastic loops make it easier to loop around the yoke of the scuba valve.  Tags can be written on with a dark pencil or china marker - grease pencil. When done, just wipe off with a bit of 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and you are ready to use again.  What can we make for you?


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