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Scuba Tags for Dive Shop Rental Equipment

Scuba Tags for Dive Shop Rental Equipment 1

One of the products most requested by dive shops and dive resorts is our plastic scuba equipment tags. The tags typically range from 1.5" in diameter to 2" in diameter, although we can cut them in any size your project may require. The tags shown above are 1.5" in diameter, 1/16" thick. In many cases, we can also engrave shop name, logo, website, phone number, etc. In the example shown above we added serial numbers to each of the tags.

We love doing custom name & scuba equipment ID tags for dive stores & clubs 0

Custom scuba name equipment ID tags Midland Dive Association

We recently received an order from the Midland Dive Association for some our our scuba BC slate name tags (tag on top left). Scuba BC slate tags are a great way to ID equipment when you want to change the name on the tag often. We did a quick lookup on their Facebook page and loved their turtle logo so we made a few examples to include in their order of some our our more popular personalized scuba diving name tags including a scuba equipment tag, a dive gear bag tag, and a personalized version of our slate tag.

We have made custom scuba ID and dive equipment tags for more than 200 dive stores and organizations. We offer discounts for quantity orders and a standing discount for DEMA members. Let us know what kind of custom tags we can make for you.

Custom Tags for Motorcycle ID Plates 0

Triumph Motorcycle ID Plate
One of my friends, Randy Birkey, writes a wonderful personal blog that focuses on modifying Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton motorcycles. I have done a number of custom laser engraved side cover ID plates for Randy's and his reader's motorcycles. The tags are made of 1/16th inch thick industrial outdoor sign plastic. You can read about the tags and how Randy installed them on his blog, Here are a few other examples we did for Darby Racing Inc. and Bonneville Performance.  If you are interested in having some made, click here to contact me.
Custom Triumph Motorcycle side cover badges YourBagTag