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Best Christmas Gifts for Scuba Divers Under $20 - 2016 0

Have Scuba divers on your holiday gift list? Here are just a few great gifts for their Scuba gear, all priced under $20 and all can be personalized with their name.

Personalized Scuba Name Tag for BCD First up, the very popular Scuba BCD name tag. This custom embroidered name tag comes in a variety of color combinations and wraps around almost any standard scuba BCD. Only $12.00.




Full Color Scuba BCD Name Tag - Black-with blueLooking for something with a little more flair? The full color BCD name tag could just the right gift and still only $17.99.  This smart looking tag can be personalized with any name up to 9 letters. The tag wraps easily around the BCD shoulder strap and attached with a Velcro® closure.

Custom Wetsuit Zipper Pull with name - YellowDoes your friend or family member have a wetsuit? Consider one of our YourZipTags. It makes it very easy to pick out their wetsuit the many others that may be hanging in the drying locker at the resort or liveaboard. Also only $12.00.

5 Holiday Gifts for Your Scuba Diving Friends Under $20 0

Are you looking for an inexpensive and unique personal gift for the scuba diver on your Christmas or holiday gift list? Here are 5 great suggestions from YourBagTag.com - all under $20 USD.

Personalized Extreme Luggage TagsAn Extreme Luggage Tag personalized with your diver's name makes a great addition to their scuba gear bag. Just $14.99

Personalized Scuba Wetsuit Zipper Name ID TagYourZipTags™ make it easy to pick out your wetsuit. Personalize with their name, nickname or scuba club. Comes in 10 colors. Only $12.00

Full Color BC Name Tags are another great scuba related gift for that special diver on your list. $17.99


Outgo Travel Towel Scuba Gift in BlueHere is a gift that is sure to please and can be used for many other sports as well - the Outgo Travel Towel Pod. The towel can be personalized with up to 15 letters. $19.95

Personalized scuba equipment tags make great stocking stuffers. Tags come in a variety of shapes, colors, and can be engraved with name, dive flag, etc. From $4.95.

Personalized Scuba Equipment Name & ID Tags - 3 Must Haves 0

You will have to pick your scuba gear out of a crowd many times during your dive trip. Crowded wetsuit drying lockers, congested dive boat decks and gear rinse areas are just of few of those places. YourBagTag offers a variety of custom scuba name tag and scuba gear ID systems to help you easily identify your specific gear.

All your dive gear should be marked with at least your name or initials. We believe that there are 3 pieces of your equipment that will benefit from our personalized scuba name & ID tags.

  • Your wetsuit zipper - zipper pull  Putting one of our inexpensive wetsuit zipper tags on your wetsuit makes it extremely easy to pick yours out of that crowded drying locker.  
Personalized Wetsuit Zipper Name TagCustom Wetsuit Name Tag from YourBagTag
  • Your BC - buoyancy compensator  As you can see from the top photo, the BC Name - ID tag makes it really easy to identify your BC/Kit on a crowded dive boat deck. Divemasters love BC tags because they can learn the individual divers names much faster.
Custom Scuba BC Name - ID Tag from YourBagTagPersonalized BC Name Tag Pro from YourBagTag

Personalized name tag for scuba gear - dry bags

Of course, personalized mask straps, boot tags, and extreme luggage tags are all great ways to ID your gear as well.

      YourBagTag Scuba Gear on Location in Bonaire 0

      The photo above is the wetsuit drying locker at Buddy Dive Resort on Bonaire. It is a great facility but it is a lot like the baggage carousel at the airport - all the wetsuits tend to look the same. The idea for our YourZipTag came from a previous trip to Buddy Dive in 2007. Our family just spent a week in Bonaire over the Christmas holiday week. This trip we stayed at the Belmar Apartments. They also have a wonderful dive setup and the dive shop/operation is affiliated with Buddy Dive.

      The house reef “Sara Smiles” is quite nice and a great first dive spot and certainly a great place for night diving. We saw octopus, slipper lobster, and coronet fish to name just a few.The staff at the Belmar was so helpful. We will definitely be going back.

      YourBagTag Adds Personalized Wetsuit Zipper Pull 0

      We developed a new line of personalized wetsuit zipper pulls. After a recent diving trip aboard the Caribbean Explorer II, a liveaboard dive boat, we kept having trouble picking our wetsuit out from the other 5 hanging on the back deck that looked just like ours.  Hey, black wetsuits are just like black pieces of luggage!  They need brightly colored personalized tags to help pick  them out of the crowd.  In keeping with our other product names, we are calling them YourZipTags™. They are made of the same high-quality polypropylene webbing as our other Scuba products.  The YourZipTag is 3/4" wide and is approximately 24 inches long (the same length as the stock zipper pull currently on your wetsuit).

      Own a dive or surf shop that rents wetsuits out?  Your wetsuits will stand out on that crowded beach or dive boat.  Add your URL and you have a great advertisement for your shop.

      How about a dive or surf club?  Add your club name or nickname to the YourZipTag.