Personalized Scuba Equipment Name & ID Tags - 3 Must Haves

You will have to pick your scuba gear out of a crowd many times during your dive trip. Crowded wetsuit drying lockers, congested dive boat decks and gear rinse areas are just of few of those places. YourBagTag offers a variety of custom scuba name tag and scuba gear ID systems to help you easily identify your specific gear.

All your dive gear should be marked with at least your name or initials. We believe that there are 3 pieces of your equipment that will benefit from our personalized scuba name & ID tags.

  • Your wetsuit zipper - zipper pull  Putting one of our inexpensive wetsuit zipper tags on your wetsuit makes it extremely easy to pick yours out of that crowded drying locker.  
Personalized Wetsuit Zipper Name TagCustom Wetsuit Name Tag from YourBagTag
  • Your BC - buoyancy compensator  As you can see from the top photo, the BC Name - ID tag makes it really easy to identify your BC/Kit on a crowded dive boat deck. Divemasters love BC tags because they can learn the individual divers names much faster.
Custom Scuba BC Name - ID Tag from YourBagTagPersonalized BC Name Tag Pro from YourBagTag

Personalized name tag for scuba gear - dry bags

Of course, personalized mask straps, boot tags, and extreme luggage tags are all great ways to ID your gear as well.

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