Barcode Equipment Tags

When we attended the Diving Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) last fall, we had a number of requests for making laser-engraved barcode equipment tags. We immediately came back and tried unsuccessfully to make them. We couldn't get the laser beam focused small enough to cut the fine detail of the barcode lines.


Recently we purchased an additional lens for our laser that allows us to engrave with a beam half the size of our previous lens. Success! We can now engrave barcodes on our equipment tags. The barcode equipment tags must be at least 1.75 inches in diameter. We can ever fit another line or two of text above the code.Tags are made of 2 ply plastic - the top layer is white and we engrave to reveal the black layer below. The back of the tag is black. The barcode engraved on the sample tag in the photo is Code 128 - it allows for alpha and numeric characters.

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