New Laser Engraved Equipment Tags

Northwest Arkansas has some beautiful rivers and lakes. To take advantage of these beautiful waterways, our family has taken up kayaking. On a recent paddle trip on theBuffalo River, we must have seen at least 20 canoes and kayaks along our 8.5 mile trip that had either tipped over, capsized or in several cases had continued on down the river without the paddlers or the content that had originally been inside the boat.That got us to thinking, it would be very useful to have waterproof plastic tags on our dry bags and even on our kayaks with all of our contact info. Just in case we ever ended up with our boat or gear separated from us. So we now offer personalized, laser engraved plastic equipment tags for just such a time. Be sure and also check out our laser engraved plastic name plates. They make excellent Kayak ID name plates.

These tags are also great for identifying camping and backpacking gear, surfboards, scuba gear, sports equipment and much more.

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