Aluminum 2-Sided Equipment Tags Are Here

custom engraved aluminum scuba id tags

Many of you have been asking us for a custom equipment ID tag that can be engraved on both sides. We have secured an american manufacturer of high quality anodized aluminum tags in two sizes, 2 inch diameter circles and 1.5 inch diameter circles. We are able to laser engrave on both sides of these tags or we can also print full color on both sides.

If you are trying to decide between our plastic equipment ID tags and these aluminum tags, here are a few things to consider:

  • While they are quite strong, the aluminum tags are a bit more prone to surface scratching than our plastic ID/gear tags.
  • Both can be used in a saltwater environment. The aluminum tags will develop surface pitting if you do not rinse them in fresh water after diving for the day. The plastic tags will take more abuse in this area as well.
  • If you need information engraved on both sides of the tag, the aluminum tags may be a better choice since our ability to engrave on both sides of our plastic tags is very limited - red with white lettering only.

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