5 Fun Ways to Use Luggage Tags from YourBagTag.com

There’s no doubt, YourBagTags are the perfect luggage tags for airport travel. They are sturdy and easily recognizable. But you can use them in other ways too…in fact, many of our loyal customers have come up with fun and creative ways to use personalized bag tags well beyond simply marking their luggage when they travel.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use these customized bag tags:

Blue and White Commemorative Luggage Tag from YourBagTag.com

#1:  Commemorate a Special Trip

Going on a vacation with family or friends soon? Then why not commemorate the trip with a set of custom luggage tags for the occasion?

We can customize them for any event – just send us the details and a simple logo or picture (if you have one that you want to use).

Have a family ski trip planned this winter? Headed out on a cruise? We can create tags for all of your luggage with the date and location of your awesome trip.  Not only will these tags help you identify your bags, you and all your travel mates will have a special memento to remember the trip for years to come.

Custom Aluminum Luggage Tags for the Los Angeles Clippers NBA Team

#2:  Easily Identify Sports Team Luggage

YourBagTags also work great for sports team travel. In fact, our customers include NBA teams (like the Los Angeles Clippers) and USA soccer teams. They use our sturdy tags to easily identify and label their sports team equipment and travel bags.

But you don’t have to play professional sports to use them! We can create custom tags for college teams, AAU teams, or any other recreational or competitive sports team that travels to competition.

You can personalize them with your team’s colors, logos, and each player’s name. Think about how easy it would be to find your team’s bags the next time they are all standing at the baggage carousel waiting at the airport!

Red Fabric Personalized Luggage Tag for Holiday Gifts

#3:  Make Gifts Extra Special with Personalized Bag Tags

Want your gifts to stand out this holiday season? Use YourBagTags to add a personalized touch to them. Instead of using typical paper gift tags or stickers, order custom luggage tags with your recipients’ names on them.

These special tags add a functional and unique touch of personalization to your gifts.  They demonstrate that you go out of your way for the people you care about, leaving no detail to chance. These would make a great addition to gifts for friends and relatives who frequently travel.

Personalized Luggage Tags for Wedding Guests

#4:  Give Your Wedding Party Guests Unique and Useful Gifts

Coming up with a unique and fun gift for your wedding party can be a challenge, especially if you are on a budget. YourBagTags make a great personalized gift for your wedding party.

Think about it, there’s a very good chance that your bridal party, groomsmen, and family members will have to travel to your wedding.  Perhaps many of them will fly in from out of town.

Why not give them a gift that not only marks the special occasion but also helps them identify their luggage easily when they head home.

#5:  Say Thank You to Your Business Customers

Another great way that you can use YourBagTags is by giving them to your loyal customers. Your customer tags could include your company name and logo as well as a place for customer information. 

We offer a wide selection of tags depending on your type of business – including elegant, personalized leather tags to sturdy that you can even fit a business card in. 

Our friends at DJ’s Scuba Locker give personalized tags to all of their customers who book dive travel with them to commemorate their trip.  And we made these tags for Maui Dreams Dive Co’s recent trip to Fiji.

Why Personalize?

Personalized gifts and tokens of appreciation are special.  They do require a little extra time and effort – but that is a big part of why people enjoy getting these gifts. They recognize that you did take extra time to make them feel appreciated.

But the good news is that with YourBagTags, the extra effort and time is minimal. We make it easy for you to look good! Simply send us the information and logos you need on your tags and we’ll have them ready quickly for you (2-3 days in most cases).

Have questions or comments? Send us an email at  info@yourbagtag.com or give us a call at 479.553.7275.

And if you’ve ordered from us before, we’d love to hear from you. What are some fun and creative ways that you have used our personalized bag tags?

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